Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Creative Ideas Abound!

Today is a bit of inspired randomness, largely brought on by great coffee and delicious ideas as part of the Spring into Organization link party.

Oh my...the ideas that I am seeing are SO creative, cost effective, and simply gorgeous! I am definitely in major love with the link party concept. What a great way to share ideas and get the creative juices flowing. My creative juices are flooding me with ideas and I have been busy over the weekend perusing the sites and Pinteresting my favorites on my various boards, including Lovely Organization. If you haven't been Pinteresting yet, watch out! It is so incredibly helpful for organizing your inspirations for different projects visually and making notes about what elements of the post, picture, or article that you liked. You do have to request an invite or be invited, so feel free to ask me to invite you. I love helping others get their creative mojo on, all while making it more efficient!

Speaking of helping others, I LOVED the post by DaNita of Delightful Order. Thanks so much DaNita for the wonderful article on How to Link to a Link Party for the Spring into Organization Link Party.

As a new blogger, I am up to my eyeballs in figuring out how to customize my blog so that it is pretty, functional, and (of course) organized as nothing makes me want to check out a blog more than seeing great layouts, harmonious colors, and cool tools. Jennifer Jones from iHeartOrganizing updated her blog in February with mouseover images so you can see where she got the products from. I really LOVE the idea of giving my product sources right off the bat!

Source: iHeartOrganizing

So now, I am splitting my time between continuing my organizational fun (and boy, the fun I am having!) and working on my blog. At home, I've had lots of projects going involving my Silhouette and labels (so fun!). The blog is my newest addiction and I really like having this creative outlet. These are, of course, in addition to all the other wonderful things I have going on with my family and with work. Definitely busy, but wonderfully fulfilling times!

So, what were your favorite items from the Spring into Organization link party? What are you doing to spruce up your Blog as a result of the other sites you saw?

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